Color Theory Door


Here is a simple Photoshop sketch of a door with some color and shape theory involved:   The following was posted after the comments were made: A) I will be making a friendly door – specifically, one side will be facing a habitable/safe area, the other side will be dangerous and industrial. B) The door […]

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Here is the infamous rucksack inside a basic UDK (Unreal 3) level. I used ZRemesher to turn the high-poly to a lower-poly (about 2,000 polys), then exported them both as .OBJ files. I brought them in to 3DS Max together, then used a Projection to render the details of the high-poly model into a texture. I […]

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Here’s the rucksack with trim and strap elements added. The trim was made via ZSphere topology, while the straps are IMM brushes. While there’s still a lot of room for improvement on the detail of the surface of the rucksack, I don’t think the overall shape will change very much – and on top of […]

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Our first, rough draft of the rucksack in ZBrush. The main goal is to capture the basic shapes and landmarks of the reference, so we have a good surface into which we will work details.

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Shooting Gallery Mockups


The final step in our 2D Design class was to take a more Art Director/Lead Artist perspective. We generated asset lists, given a two-paragraph description of a couple scenes, and even made up one scene from scratch. The focus here wasn’t on correctness, but on providing a deliverable which we could give to an art team […]

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Mine Cart Texture


The design doc we were issued stated that there would be a 3D mine cart which rolls in and out of the mine. First, a couple of ‘finished’ images – these come from 3DS Max: To do this step, we were provided with a basic minecart 3D model and associated UV-unwrapped images. Our task was […]

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Shooting Gallery Menu


Here’s the mockup of the title screen for the shooting gallery game project (from 2D Design for Games): The title is, of course, horrible; I’m trying to think of a play on the fact that both art and recreational shooting happens in galleries, so the game is shooting at oil paintings. I used my standard […]

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Shooting Gallery Mockup


Here is the mockup I’ve done for the Shooting Gallery game (in class, we’re learning the use of Photoshop to generate 2D assets for games). I’ll add more details in later blog posts. In general, I used photographs from Bing searches (gotta earn my Bing rewards!), diced the items out of their original picture, and them […]

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As an introduction, I’d like to include a screenshot of some of my favorite game artwork:   I think the semi-cell style of the Borderlands and Borderlands 2 artwork was a brilliant choice, as it highlighted the semi-serious nature of the game world and gameplay, and allowed a lot of freedom for the special effects […]

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Pro-Life Libertarian?

Everyone knows that Republicans (conservatives) feel that all abortion should be banned, citing the sanctity of life (a basically religious argument). Democrats (liberals), on the other hand, feel any abortion should be allowable, because a woman should be free to decide what she wants to do with her own sex organs. Generally, when the two […]

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