Labora Est Ora - Work Is Worship

This motto is the idea that our time is the most valuable thing we have, so what we do with it is one of the most important decisions we can make. I am a game designer and scripter who, through a wide variety of life and occupational experiences, has determined that inspiring players, that telling engaging stories – that creating games – is the way I choose to use my occupational time.

Game design has been built in to my family experience. Even as children, my brothers and I would rarely play a board game by the official rules more than two times – we generally ended up adding systems, or re-writing them entirely (Monopoly® had two favorite variants – Death Star® Attack, using Star Wars® Micro Machines® as pieces, or Combat Monopoly, where money isn’t the only way to gain a property). We would also fill our time with offline versions of our favorite game genres, such as laying out playing cards to make an impromptu side-scroller or thinking up rambling adventure games.

In order to bring this early vision to fruition, I have continually studied to improve my coding abilities. Starting with many variants of BASIC (from the internal version on the TRS-80 to Visual Basic), I branched out to C-style languages (C# and C++) and Java. I greatly enjoy the process of defining a system, planning out its internals, and bringing it to life piece by piece – whether that’s refactoring a legacy C++ arcade game to use design patterns so we could add a ladder progression to the opponents, or planning out and implementing an audio cue system to help the narrator of an exercise routine sound more like a personal trainer and less like a robot.

If you're looking for help bringing your next great game to life, or looking for ways to streamline and customize your business tools, please contact me via any of the methods below, or through the contact page.