Mobile / Desktop minion management game, developed in Unity 4.6 as part of a team of six artists, five designers, and three animators.


  • Lead Designer / Coder
  • Development Environment Manager (JIRA, BitBucket)
  • Coder
  • Unity Engine Support (Integration of Assets)

Cross Body Trainer

Cross Body Trainer is a gamified exercise app. It's meant to operate in conjunction with specialized hardware (a portable, adjustable bow frame and a leather bag containing a Bluetooth LE-enabled accelerometer).


  • Core Systems Designer / Coder
  • Art and Integration
  • Cloud Services Integration
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Support Tools Designer / Coder
  • Android Bluetooth LE Plugin Developer

Nexersys Fitness

Nexersys Fitness is a highly-interactive striking-based cardio machine, built on embedded Linux running on custom hardware.


  • Refactoring legacy systems into an Android / Unity 5.1 environment

King of the Ring

King of the Ring (Fast Fists) was a coin-operated arcade version of the Nexersys Fitness platform. It traded instructional videos and workout selection for rendered characters and environments with health bars and a ladder difficulty.


  • Assisted in developing a 'ladder' mode for difficulty selection
  • Assisted in refactoring legacy C++ code for cleanliness and support of design patterns

Monopoly PSP

A straightforward implementation of the classic Monopoly rules on the PlayStation Portable using the Vicious Engine.


  • Design Document
  • Asset List
  • Game Logic
  • Implementation of Existing Art Assets

Save the Village

Save the Village is a simple mobile physics and reaction game.


  • Sole Designer
  • Sole Coder

Tanks and Invaders

Tanks and Invaders is a mashup of a couple of my favorite classic games - Space Invaders and Scorched Earth.


  • Sole Designer
  • Sole Coder

BOM Generator

An ASP.Net Web API which takes an XML parts list for a circuit board, analyzes the content, looks up current pricing of the parts, and returns an Excel .xlsx spreadsheet with the results. Also presents a very simple HTML Form front-end if required.

Dynamics CRM Web Forms

An ASP.Net Web API which responds to requests for web forms with HTML forms, then takes the results of those forms and creates new activities and entitites in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Nexersys Dashboard

An ASP.Net Web Application which collates data from several sources (Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Google Analytics, and an Excel Spreadsheet) into a single company dashboard.

Unity Editor Tools (Cross Body Trainer)

A set of editor menu commands which makes rapid testing and development on the Cross Body Trainer project easier.

Cross Body Trainer Workout Editor

A Single-Page Application packed into a single HTML file which can be sent to nearly anyone, for the purpose of generating workout content for Cross Body Trainer.

Level Design Prototype

A tutorial level for a shooter idea still in development, built in the UDK Engine.


  • Design Document
  • Level Flow
  • 'Designer' Modeling (Low/No Assets)
  • Kismet Scripting

Starlight Inception Beta Test

I was a member of the Starlight Inception closed beta testing.


  • Ad-Hoc Testing
  • Test Path Development
  • Test Case Development
  • Data Dictionary Development

Falling Angel

Falling Angel will be a mobile-friendly action game, with a focus on rescue, assistance, and physics manipulation rather than conflict or combat.


  • Design Document
  • Pitch Document
  • Concepts and Design