King of the Ring, which was also sometimes titled Fast Fists, was a coin-operated arcade variant of the Nexersys Fitness system. It featured a similar frame, the same accelerometer setup, and a very similar hardware/CPU setup. The biggest difference is that it actually ran on a game loop, and used the OGRE engine to push the limits of the hardware. Even with tiny poly count and texture size limits, we were still able to coax a basic 12 frames per second from the setup. It was launched locally in Austin, where it saw some use, but its primary success was in a chain of barcades in Mexico City. Development on an enhanced version, migrating (like the rest of the Nexersys line) to Unity 5 on a custom Android tablet, is planned but not currently underway.

I came in toward the end of the project; it had already seen one limited release, but much of the experience - especially in terms of the number of interactions between feeding the coin slot and playing the game - was still very much a fitness product. I was involved in refactoring the legacy C++ code to support more design patterns (State Machine, in particular, was very useful), transitioning to a more flexible character design system (allowing us to rapidly expand the opponent count from 3 to 5), and moving to a ladder-based advancement system rather than an opponent selection. In addition, I was critical in rebalancing the flow and challenge of the game, from opponent strategies to the expansion in difficulty to implement the standard aracde 'coin trap' - start easy, switch to hard halfway through, end up almost impossible.