This was an attempt to reproduce the classic Monopoly rules on a PlayStation Portable. I used the Vicious Engine, which imposed some interesting limitations - among them, the inability to directly write any code. Instead, the engine presents a set of selection boxes with which you piece together commands and data tables. It was a good experience, and it made me more grateful for the types of engines where I could modify systems more easily if I needed to. An unfortunate side effect was an inability to produce any kind of playable version.

I was the only participant in this project - as can easily be seen by the screenshots above, there were no artists involved. Up until the point I stopped working, I was much more focused on the rules themselves, and setting up turn orders such that players couldn't easily 'peek' their opponents' resources and cash reserves. I also learned a lot about the actual rules to Monopoly (did you know that the first time a property is landed on, it will end up being owned by someone?). at some point I'll revisit this project in a more friendly game engine, though I'll likely turn it to political satire and introduce a few more rules - I never could play Monopoly the same way twice.