Nexersys Fitness is our flagship product at Nexersys. It is a high-intensity interval training workout, focusing on striking, and it consists of a specialized frame built to mimic a personal striking trainer, and a custom monitor/CPU combo to select and play videos and prompt the user for action. The current generation is based on an embedded Linux platform with a custom engine and about the same hardware specs as a Nintendo 64.

I'm currently in the process of migrating this legacy system into Unity 5 and C#, so we can deploy it to a 22-inch Android tablet; this will allow for faster development, easier support and updates, and a cleaner, more responsive user interaction. It will also lower the costs of equipment, and the number of SKUs to track through the logistics system. Our first iteration will be to exactly mimic the old experience on the new platform, and from there we will integrate cloud services and social media platforms and rewrite the interface to bring both Fitness and Cross Body Trainer into a single brand experience. As yet we have nothing demonstratable, but as progress is made I will be adding it to this section.